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Quiet Professionals Protecting Tomorrow Today

We Specialize in Scent Discrimination Canines and Olfactory Surveillance 


The “BEAR” (Be Eager to Always Resist) program offered by K9 Resources is designed to detect and ultimately deter the presence of unwanted items, substances and activities in the school environment. The focal point of the program centers around the capabilities of highly trained, extremely reliable detection canines.


“BEAR” is a professionally evaluated research based program designed around a process of using measurable criteria to educate in effort to reduce unwanted items, substances and activities in schools. The success of the program is evident in the ninety eight percent (98%) client referral rate and ninety three percent (93%) client retention rate.


Whether teaching, training, evaluating or searching, a random highly visible canine team is the key to

our success by blending in to the school day and becoming a part of the environment.

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