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We Specialize in Scent Discrimination Canines and Olfactory Surveillance 

Oil, Gas and Pipeline




Oil and gas drilling and field operations are extremely difficult environments to combat the presence of unwanted substances, items and activities for many reasons. It starts with simple location issues and extends to transient nature of the work, whether a production or drillhead site.


Our programs are designed to educate and ultimately deter the presence of unwanted items, substances or activities. Place the control in the hands of the company instead of the driller, hands, or suppliers. Implementing our comprehensive programs present a very strong deterent whereby risks, liabilities, and  overall problems subside.






Another unique application in which we excel is the detection of leaks. Pipeline leaks are a costly problem for companies attempting to move product over a large area efficiently. Government regulations, increasing public concern for environmental impact, cleanup costs and potential liability are increasing almost daily. While many techniques exist to detect leaks and improvements have been made in construction, coatings and protection technology, pipelines still develop leaks and present safety, security, health and overall liability concerns.


Specific additives and detector dogs trained to indicate the presence of the additive odor are a unique tool to locate the leak. Since implementation, dogs have found leaks emanating from holes so small they could not be visually detected. Each of the different techniques currently in use detecting leaks have distinct benefits and handicaps in their application under field conditions. Using detection canines has proven to be the easiest, quickest, and most cost effective means of finding and repairing damaged pipelines.

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