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Crisis Preperation

Is it time for you to create or update a Crisis Plan? How exactly do you do that? What are the best procedures to use? What protocols are the best? Which process would help you accurately address the needs of your facility, people, schools or students?


You know well that it is rare for a school district or business facility to actually invest the time and effort necessary to put together a well thought out plan. If your district or business is typical, the lack of investment in research, planning, coordinating, creating, publishing, training, testing, practicing and improving will extremely limit the true effectiveness of a response to your crisis plan which means limited results at best. Don't you, your employees, students, teachers, staff, parents and community deserve better?


Take an honest look at the SMART Crisis Plan. We do all of the research, planning, coordinating, creating, implementing, training, testing and improving providing PROVEN PROTOCOLS second to none. We can even print your plan too. Your SMART plan will be more effective, easier to use and less costly than one can imagine in a real world crisis. SMART plans are so intuitive, very little training is needed which frees up time and resources which allows everyone to get back to the focus of teaching students.


Check out our dedicated K-12 crisis plan website: www.k12crisisplan.com

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