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Anonymous TipLine

If you are considering an anonymous tip line, you have found the easiest, most effective way to build loyalty with employees, clients, vendors, and the general public and EZ TipLine is your answer.


EZ TipLine provides cost effective anonymous tip line services for public and privately held companies, non-profit organizations and schools (both public and private). EZ TipLine has the experience and expertise to provide a solution that meets your specific requirements and budget.




When it comes to selecting a tip line service, one size does not fit all. However, EZ TipLine possesses the capability to provide you with an extremely effective solution without the the cost. Our staff will help you develop a solution that fits your needs. As an example, we do not scale up your service to provide something you do not need.


A key feature of the EZ TipLine service is flexibility. Adding or changing recipients, updating content or changing your report routing,  can all be done with a simple phone call to our customer support desk, and are usually fulfilled immediately. To ensure the highest level of systems security and integrity for all users, administrator access and system controls are managed only by our authorized internal staff.


The EZ TipLine is complete with toll-free telephone and on-line connectivity, automated report alert routing, multi level designated report recipients by report type, secure on-line report retrieval and case management system, report follow-up capability, statistical reporting and more.


In order to encourage individuals to come forward when they have knowledge worth sharing, your tip line must be easy, as easy as EZ TipLine.


Check our dedicated anonymous tipline website: www.eztipline.com 

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