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Quiet Professionals Protecting Tomorrow Today

We Specialize in Scent Discrimination Canines and Olfactory Surveillance 




K9 Resources is a privately owned firm with a primary focus on “Safe and Drug Free” Services to LEA, businesses and schools. Proven protocol and procedures are the cornerstones to providing thousands of sweeps annually using multiple canine teams. Our professionals have trained more than 700 local, state and federal officials, 1200 school administrators 5000 teachers and 400 business leaders.


Unlike most, detection work is what we do, all day everyday while working to establish and maintain only the very highest standards using one dog and one handler as one team. K9 Resources maintains insurance and licensing which exceeds even the highest commercial standards in our industry. We exceed all local, state, and federal requirements to effectively perform all services provided.


We maintain a sixteen hundred square foot temperature and humidity controlled indoor kennel on six acres. All property and facilities are secured and monitored 24/7.





Our teams of the tried and proven Professional Detection Specialists are committed to being the highest valued safety and security asset for our clients based upon integrity, knowledge, experience, passion, results and cost.


We start with highly ethical professional people, all of whom have a great mind, big heart, and a love of dogs and people. We then add over 1000 hours of very specialized hands on training and certifications to ensure highly qualified experienced full time Professional Detection Specialist whom excel in the art and science of professional canine handling.


Using all of these GOD given talents to the very best of our ability ensures effective programs by reducing unwanted items, substances and activities eliminating trouble before it starts.





With rare exception, we train all of our own canines using documented scientific processes to ensure only the highest reliability. Each of our canines work and train daily using only certified materials and substances. Each team is independently certified by outside sources using blind and double blind techniques.

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